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On this page we publish all material such as logos, documents and forms and useful information regarding the KWC competition.

You will find here all the latest Partner Letters, and in the right column you can download the updated KWC Rules & Judging criteria, KWC Brand Manual & Partner Rules and the Production Manual that you can refer to when organising your own national finals.

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Dear Valuable KWC Country Partners,

Here you’ll find the latest news regarding the Karaoke World Championships. Last update: June 15th 2020

Please note that due to this unexpected and never before done competition style, we are still estimating the amount of countries and singers, and we shall determine the exact schedule for KWC Online 2020 finals later once we know better how many we will be.

Our current list of confirmed countries for KWC Online 2020 is: Angola, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Indonesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Russia, Spain, UK, Ukraine and USA.

We have 14 country partners who are still considering of joining this special edition of KWC. We also have some possible new countries joining this year. Three partners have decided to take a break this year. National finals should be done latest during September.

We have opened Online Video Applications for singers in non-partner countries. The first application came from Germany, where we haven’t had a partner since 2016.


We are expecting to have 100-130 singers registered for World finals. 90-110 of these contestants will be from country partners (2-4 singers from each) and 10-20 contestants from the open online qualifications.

Because of this unprecedented situation, we want to give all of our country partners the choice of entering this online competition or to have a year off from KWC.

The World finals will be on The first rounds can be watched and voted on for several days and the very final round will be a hosted livestream event with judges and connections from around the world.

To enter the competition you are obligated to send 1-4 solo contestants to KWC Online 2020 finals. You will also have to form a national jury and give points on all competition rounds.

The rounds will consist of pre-recorded videos. We are investigating the possibility of having the very final round live from different countries, but at the moment it looks like a pre-recorded video is the safest way to run the competition.

The 2020 license fee for KWC partners will be 350€. This grants the rights to keep your exclusive partner status, to send up to four singers to the KWC finals and to be a judge. Please note that judging is not optional. We want all of our country partners to share this exciting week with us and have your contribution to the final results.

Prizes: There will be cash prizes for Top 3 + a trip for the winner in the KWC 2021 finals + additional sponsor prizes. Top 3 country partners will get reductions for their 2021 licenses: 1st – 100%, 2nd – 50% and 3rd – 25%.

We will provide you all the instructions closer to the finals. During the next months you can have your own national competition online or in karaoke bars if your country’s restrictions allow it.

If you do not wish to participate in the KWC Online 2020 competition, you will not be charged a license fee, and singers from your country will be eligible to participate in our global online audition.

We would like to have an answer from you as soon as possible:

1.) Yes we are in: we will promote KWC on our national pages, hold our own finals before November and send 1-4 contestants to KWC Online 2020. We will also form a national jury, and give our scores on each round. We will pay the KWC 2020 license fee (350€) before the end of June.

2.) We will take a year off. We will announce on our national KWC page that this year singers from our country can join the global online audition. We know that we are not allowed to give points in the KWC 2020 finals. We also understand that should a singer from our country win this year, the country partner prize would not apply to us. We will return to be a full KWC partner in 2021.

KWC 2020 competition rules

All KWC country partners who have paid the 2020 license fee and promised to judge can send 1- 4 singers. Previous champions are allowed except the ones who already won the World Champion title.

All singers from non-partner countries are eligible to send their videos to the KWC global video applications. There will be a public vote and the KWC video jury will pick 15-20 singers which will advance into the World Finals.

In October we will open the KWC Online 2020 registration page, where every country partner is allowed to register four contestants. Together with the registration they will have to submit the names of three songs for each singer and in order of how they will be performed (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3). The songs or the order cannot be changed afterwards.

The actual competition videos have to be done later – when the competition is on.

All the competition videos need to have the singer showing all the time. They have to be recorded as a live performance ie. sung live on top of a musical background and without any enhancement afterwards. The singer is allowed to use a microphone and the audio can be recorded straight from a mixer or from the room where the song is performed. It is equally ok to sing without a microphone, as long as the vocals are clear and audible.

The competition videos for KWC 2020 will have to be done within the previous days. There will always be a little piece of instruction for how to make the video. This will prevent anyone from recording the videos beforehand. The instructions can be anything like ”the singers has to smile at the camera for 3 seconds before the song starts” or there has to be a certain prop in the video etc.

There will be three rounds 2nd-7th November.

We will give instructions for the videos well in advance. We are still tweaking the workflow and the schedule of the actual event.

Every KWC country partner has a jury (the partner is free to form it how they wish) and they have 48 hours to view and score the videos.

According to the recent plan we want to have a TOP 10 ranking from each country, and of course the country’s own singers are excluded from that ranking. We are still going through different scoring systems and will decide upon this later. There will also be a public vote for the viewers.

We will add the scores from the national panels, they will have a 75% weight and the viewer votes a 25% weight. This is how we will determine the TOP-20 who will perform on Round 3. They will be shown in random order in a hosted KWC 2020 final round live stream.

The time of the stream will be late night in Asia, afternoon in Europe and morning on the American continent. All country partner jury panels will also get a link to a secret page with the songs in case there should happen something with the stream.

After the 20 songs there will be guest performances while we wait for the scores and final results. Once we have a new World champion, we will try to get her / him live on the show.

There will be cash prizes for Top 3 and the new World champion is invited (flights and hotel covered) to perform at the KWC 2021 finals. The TOP 3 countries will also get reductions for their 2021 license fees: 100%, 50% ad 25%.

Here are a couple of questions that some of you have sent us after the announcement:

-How do the contestant submit their video?
We will give you detailed instructions later. It will be easy for everyone and there will be certain criteria for the competition videos.

-Is it possible that all participants from the country could eligible to participate through us?
Yes, this is the idea. If you pay for the license this year, singers in your country can only enter through your competition.

-Do we have to pay an extra fee on top of the normal license fee which we already paid?
No you don’t. If you have already paid for your country’s KWC 2020 license and want to participate in the online competition, the amount will be taken from what you already paid. The rest will be there for next year.

These are all the things you have to do:
1) Pay the 350€ license fee and announce KWC 2020 on your website etc
(invoices will soon be sent to the ones who participate)
2) Have your own national competition
3) Register 1-4 singers to World finals and help them with their competition videos (OCTOBER-NOVEMBER)
4) Form a jury and give your country’s scores at the KWC 2020 finals (2.-7. NOVEMBER)

If you have paid for your KWC 2020 license but do not wish to take part in the Online finals, your 2020 license will be transferred to next year. Taking a break like this would mean that all singers in your country are eligible for the open video audition.

We would like to have the following information: How is your competition this year? How can one enter? Please give us a link to your national competition if the url has been changed from last year. What kind of schedule do you have? Where and when are you national finals? Remember to send us all this info and also be active on your own social media!


New KWC Partner agreements are promised to be sent to the ones who don’t have a Singa/KWC agreement. You will receive these later, please be patient. KWC 2020 Partner official certificates will also be sent once the license fee is paid.