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[[[["field20","equal_to","Yes, I will upload my own backing track"]],[["show_fields","field19"],["hide_fields","field16"]],"and"],[[["field20","equal_to","No, I want to use karaoke video from KWC"]],[["show_fields","field16"],["hide_fields","field19"]],"and"],[[["field26","equal_to","Yes, I will upload my own backing track"]],[["show_fields","field28"],["hide_fields","field27"]],"and"],[[["field26","equal_to","No, I want to use karaoke video from KWC"]],[["show_fields","field27"],["hide_fields","field28"]],"and"],[[["field33","equal_to","Yes, I will upload my own backing track"]],[["show_fields","field35"],["hide_fields","field34"]],"and"],[[["field33","equal_to","No, I want to use karaoke video from KWC"]],[["show_fields","field34"],["hide_fields","field35"]],"and"]]
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Round 1

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Round 2

Use your own backing track? (song #2)

Round 3

Use your own backing track? (song #3)

I have read and accepted the KWC Event rules and will comply with them. I understand that by infringing any of the rules mentioned on the second page of this registration form, I will be disqualified.

The KWC Event and the KWC Country trials (the KWC competitions) are meant only for amateur singers. In the context of the KWC competitions, an amateur is defined as a person who does not have a singing occupation or is a vocalist as main occupation or a source of daily income. 

The organizer of the KWC competition and KWC Organization has a right to disqualify any competitor in any stage of the competition, including one year after the World Final (in which case the title and prizes will be revoked), if it turns out that a competitor has given false information regarding her-/himself or that a competitor has infringed any rules of the KWC competitions.

In signing this registration form a competitor grants all intellectual property rights, such as copyright and/or performer’s right and all other possible rights pertaining to her/his performance in the KWC competitions, to the KWC Organization. In the context of the KWC competitions, a performance is defined as a whole performance or any part of a performance. The grant of rights includes also a right to use competitor’s name, pictures, voice, recording of the voice, any information regarding competitor’s life, career, and/or interviews.

This means that KWC Organization has, without any compensation paid to a competitor, an exclusive right to use her/his performance and all other above mentioned rights and to grant these rights to a third party.

After having read the text above, I as a competitor of the KWC competition undertake myself to follow the above mentioned terms. All information I have given in this registration form may be used as KWC Organization finds best.

I will accept and commit myself fully to all prizes given by KWC Organization and local KWC Event Organizer. I will fulfill my obligations towards KWC Organization and local KWC Event Organizer if I will become the next Karaoke World Champion. I do not have any other pending commitments (such as recording deals) or plans that in some way would prevent me from committing to the prizes and fulfilling my obligations that come with them.

I declare that I have filled out this form truthfully.

NOTE! You cannot change your songs or their order once this form has been submitted to KWC Organization.



If you are using your own backing tracks, please pay attention naming your files using following formula:
Country – Singer name – Round 1 – Song

If you DON’T send us your own backing tracks, you must choose your songs from these catalogs: or