Past Competitions


Due to the Covid19 pandemic The Karaoke World Championships 2021 was an online event.

2021 Solo
1st Shabrina Leonita, Indonesia
2nd Viktoria Seimar, Estonia
3rd Talita Martins, Brazil

2020 Viewers Choice Award
Elisa Queiroga, Brazil


Due to the Covid19 pandemic The Karaoke World Championships 2020 was an online event.

2020 Solo
1st Garvaundo Hamilon, USA
2nd Max Moraes, Brazil
3rd Jose De La Vega, Spain

2020 Viewers Choice Award
Vadim Nedranets, Russia


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Tokyo, Japan, at the beautiful Kanda Myojin Shrine.

2019 Solo
1st Jenny Ball, United Kingdom
2nd Katey Day-Reick, Canada
3rd Olivia Ruth, Indonesia

2019 Duets

1st Candace Miles & Kate Dion, Canada
2nd Aline Cunha & Rairo, Brazil
3rd Valerisse & Ishma, USA

2019 Viewers Choice Award
Anjo Sarnate, Philippines

Winners 2019


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Helsinki, Finland at Apollo Live Club.

2018 Solo
1st Mikko Blaze Bordeaux, USA
2nd Karol Wilson, PANAMA
3rd Lascel Wood, UK

2018 Duets

1st Tea Repo & Jyri Paavilainen, Finland
2nd Karol Wilson & Eliezer Berroa, PANAMA
3rd Mel Arizpe & Laura Carrizales, USA

2018 Champions

1st Toni K. Laaksonen, Finland
2nd Jenni Taari, Finland
3rd Chyeé Howell, USA

2018 Viewers Choice Award
Mafer Martinez, Guatemala

Winners 2018


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Helsinki, Finland at Tapahtumakeskus Telakka and the KWC Junior competition at Gloria.

2017 Male

1st Pedro Matias, Angola
2nd Didier Coste, France
3rd Andy Navarrete, Usa

2017 Female

1st Chyeé Howell, Usa
2nd Emely Myles, Panama
3rd Margarita Dvoynenko, Ukraine

2017 Duets

1st Ryota Kaizo & Rena Saito, Japan
2nd Mikko Blaze Bordeaux & Beth Brennan, Usa
3rd Emely Miles & Ricardo Canto, Panama

2017 Junior KWC

1st Laura Ahonen, Finland
2nd Silja Walin, Finland
3rd Elina Ahonen, Finland

1st Alina Karvanen, Finland
2nd Verna Salmi, Finland
3rd Emma Tyyskä, Finland

2017 Viewers Choice Award
Milind Shegokar, India

Winners 2017


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Vancouver, Canada at the Edgewater Casino.

2016 Male
1st Ryota Kaizo, Japan
2nd Gabriel Much, USA
3rd Marc Motzer, Germany

2016 Female
1st Astrid Nicole, Panama
2nd Laura Moreau, USA
3rd Bruna Higashi, Brazil

2016 Duets
1st Konomi Rivers & Lance Moore, USA
2nd Astrid Nicole & Hiram Harris, Panama
3rd Roger Feng & Heidi Joshua, Canada

Winners 2016


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Singapore at Orchard Plaza.

2015 Male
1st Muhammad Fairus bin Adam, Singapore
2nd Jeff Edwards, USA
3rd Michael Victorero, Canada

2015 Female
1st Elsaida Alerta, Canada
2nd Paula Danielsen, Faroe Islands
3rd Charo Gimenez Bravo, Spain

Winners 2015


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Stockholm, Sweden at the Solidaritet Arena.

2014 Male
1st Anthony Montius Magee, USA
2nd Mitchell Freeman, Canada
3rd Kamsani “Sunny Jackson” Jumahat, Singapore

2014 Female
1st Diana Villamonte, Panama
2nd Miriam Kim, USA
3rd Monika Nike Adiba, Indonesia

Winners 2014


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Lappeenranta, Finland at the Holiday Club Saimaa.

2013 Male
1st Teruhisa Tanaka, Japan
2nd Michael Asovale, New Zealand
3rd Roman Leyba, Russia

2013 Female
1st Sarah Ramos, Spain
2nd Jenni Ylätalo, Finland
3rd Kimberly Evans, USA

Winners 2013



The Karaoke World Championships took place in Lappeenranta, Finland at the Holiday Club Saimaa.

2012 Male
1st Luis Boutin, Panama
2nd Ville Pyykönen, Finland
3rd Cornelius Andrews, USA

2012 Female
1st Raquel Pando, Spain
2nd Candice Skjonnemand, Australia
3rd Lilibeth Garcia, Philippines

Male winner 2012

Male winner 2012

Female winner 2012

Female winner 2012


The Karaoke World Championships took place in Killarney, Ireland at the Gleneagle Hotel & Conference Centre.

2011 Male
1st Marc Hatem, Lebanon
2nd Joel Cruz, Phillipines
3rd Vladimir Pak, Russia

2011 Female
1st Cassandra Jopp, USA
2nd Estefania Gralla, Spain
3rd Jerrica Santos, Canada

Winners 2011



The Karaoke World Championships travelled from Thailand to Moscow, Russia where the competition was held in the Forum Center.

2010 Male
1st Sam Moudden, Finland
2nd Fedor Rytikov, Russia
3rd Georg Duschlbauer, Austria

2010 Female
1st Maria Saarimaa-Ylitalo, Finland
2nd Julia Kurileva, Russia
3rd Tami Marie, USA

Winners 2010


The international finals were held September 11 & 12, 2009. The time had arrived for singers from over 20 different countries to converge on the township of Lahti, Finland for the world’s biggest karaoke event of the year.

2009 Male
1st Adrian Kenny, Ireland
2nd Sami Muhonen, Finland
3rd Elie-Georges Hatem, Lebanon

2009 Female
1st Nataliya Pilyutina, Russia
2nd Dina David, Australia
3rd Jenni Roth, Finland

Winners 2009



KWC 2008 was The sixth annual Karaoke World Championship Event. KWC Organization, Eastway and Lahden Messut organized the once again in Finland, in a brand new event venue in Lahti.

2008 Male
1st Michael Bates, Australia
2nd Anthony Garcia, United Kingdom
3rd Medhanie Mezgebe, Sweden

2008 Female
1st Julie Gonnet, France
2nd Elaine O’Halloran, Ireland
3rd Jasmine Kara, Sweden

Female winner 2008


Male winner 2008



The Karaoke World Championships travelled from the Baltic Sea all of the way back to Thailand. The Suan Lum Bangkok Night Bazaar, the center of the vivid Bangkok night life, provided the perfect venue for two nights of the world’s best karaoke performances.

2007 Male
1st Lu Hee Wah (Kelvin), Malaysia
2nd Michael Moses Griffin, USA
3rd David Naughton, Ireland

2007 Female
1st Julie Walter-Sgro, Australia
2nd Vanessa Cooney, Ireland
3rd Gabriella Lukács, Hungary

Winners 2007



After Heinola and Thailand, the Karaoke World Championships moved out to sea. As it sailed from Helsinki, Finland to Tallin, Estonia, the brand new Tallink M/s Galaxy became a huge partyboat as KWC turned it into a karaokefest for two days.

2006 Male
1st Mark Wilson, Australia
2nd David September, South-Africa
3rd Badri Ibrahim, Malaysia

2006 Female
1st Tham Hui Chyi (Vicky Tham), Malaysia
2nd Yao Dan, China
3rd Veronica Konnova, Russia

Winners 2006


KWC Live in Bangkok: Light up the night

In December 2005, the top 5 male & female champions of that year were invited to perform for the Princess of Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand in the “KWC Lights Up The Night” tsunami fundraising concert. The black tie concert was televised throughout Thailand and raised money for the 2004 tsunami victims.


Karaoke World Championships were held at Heinola’s Summertheatre for three consecutive years. The competition was growing with 21 countries competing.

2005 Male
1st Iyad Sfeir, Lebanon
2nd Danny Cummins, Ireland
3rd Ari Koivunen, Finland

2005 Female
1st Rachel Browne, Ireland
2nd Saisunee Sukhakrit, Thailand
3rd Isabel Viana, Portugal

Winners 2005


The following year the energetic partying and awesome athmosphere continued with 14 countries competing.

2004 Male
1st Thomas Strübler, Austria
2nd Robin Berg, Finland
3rd Bret Harmon, USA

2004 Female
1st Samantha Sayegh, Lebanon
2nd Shirley Lowther, Ireland
3rd Cathrine Hovland, Norway

Winners 2004


Heinola’s Summertheatre was host to the inaugural event with 7 countries competing.

2003 Male
1st Uche Eke, England
2nd Olli-Pekka Junttila, Finland
3rd Jan-Mikael Pennanen, Finland

2003 Female
1st Danni Cadby, England
2nd Säde Hovisilta, Finland
3rd Christine Aas-Hals, Norway

Winners 2003