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Karaoke World Championships 2021

The Karaoke World Championships is the world’s biggest and most prestigious global talent competition and karaoke event. It represents a for passion for music, and for global friendships through singing. Last year and this year we have tackled the covid pandemic by creating a global event that is easy to participate in remotely, no matter where you are, and thus bringing people closer to each other with music.

The competition rounds are pre-recorded videos and there are judges in every participating country. Most countries have now selected their contestants and all the KWC 2021 finalists will be registered on this page by the 25th October. Every singer in KWC represents both her/himself and a country. There are no genre categories, everyone sings in the same solo competition.


We have 52 singers representing 26 different countries, and every contestant sings on Rounds 1 and 2.
The top-20 singers will move forward to Round 3.

(There will be no competition round on November 6th as informed before)

FINAL ROUND on November 27th will be hosted by Michael Yelvigton and will include a backstage where all the singers, KWC country partners and judges can join via zoom. There will also be a public vote during the live stream.
13:00 UTC KWC 2021 TOP-20 in number order

We have an international panel of judges from every country where we have singers from. Every country will give scores to their top-10 singers on each round. Scores will be given in Eurovision style: 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. A country jury can not give points to their own singers.

All the scores will be announced after the competition rounds. The public vote will also be turned into Eurovision scores = only the top-10 singers will receive points from the vote.

The Round 2 the scores will be added to the Round 1 scores and the cumulative points will determine the top-20 singers who will advance on Round 3. In case of a tie we will use the Eurovision rules: the one with more high scores (12, then 10, 8…) will win. If there still is a tie, the one with more votes will win.

The Karaoke World Champion 2021 will be announced on November 27th. The winner will receive a cash prize, sponsor prizes and flights & accommodation to KWC 2022 finals in Nes, Norway, in August 2022. All top singers will receive sponsor prizes.

KWC 2021 finalists in Round 1 singing order
1 Euhenia Okseniuk, Ukraine
2 Preye Emberru, Nigeria
3 Marina, Italy
4 Inna Mai, Russia
5 Cyndy Chan, Australia
6 Renee Turcotte, USA
7 Kimberley Kitchen, UK
8 Artem Krykin, Ukraine
9 Karina Kantas, Greece
10 Tomomi Saito, Japan
11 Coreen K Beckman, USA
12 Shabrina Leonita, Indonesia
13 John Paul Tomaque, Philippines
14 Renate Kvåle, Norway
15 Morten Morre, Denmark
16 Jarkko Timonen, Finland
17 Felipe de Souza Ferraz, Belgium
18 Robinson Tahalele, Indonesia
19 Alina Skoryk, Ukraine
20 Esther Vlaanderen, The Netherlands
21 Jason Tyson, Jamaica
22 Hilde Bjerkeskaug, Norway
23 Alison Heal, Canada
24 Lawrence Tan Hock Guan, Singapore
25 Susanna Starck, Finland
26 Phillip Fladberg, Norway
27 Jamie Lee Morley, UK
28 Alice Lemoine, France
29 David Kuts, Denmark
30 Dallyna Fotié, Cameroon
31 Kamille Abongo, Cameroon
32 Fajar Putra Wicaksana, Indonesia
33 Heidi Joshua, Canada
34 Talita Martins, Brazil
35 Ayane Kido, Japan
36 Léo Medeiros, Brazil
37 Markus Oldach Peters, Germany
38 Viktoria Seimar, Estonia
39 Henriette Wibe, Denmark
40 Keigo Nakao, Japan
41 Natalia Ustinova, Russia
42 Paul Mayer, USA
43 Renee Thompson, Canada
44 Vanessa Kautto, Finland
45 Daniel Atlas, UK
46 Elisa Queiroga, Brazil
47 Tatiana Danilevichus, Russia
48 Josette Ricketts, Jamaica
49 Li Xiaoyan, Singapore
50 Ralph Canto, Panama
51 Brandon Crooks, Jamaica
52 Tarun Pal Singh, India

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