Event info


The KWC Online 2020 Finals will be held November 2nd – 7th and all the singers around the world have the possibility to participate!

This KWC online competition is for solo singers only. There will be cash and sponsor prizes and the 2020 World champion will be invited to perform at the KWC 2021 finals.

Every KWC Partner country can send up to four contestants and singers from all other countries are free to join the open Online Auditions starting on Monday 1st June.


The Karaoke World Championships is the world’s biggest and most prestigious global talent competition and karaoke event. It brings together singers from all over the world. This year we will have the finals online in November.

If you are over 18 years of age and consider yourself an amateur singer or unsigned talent, you are eligible to participate. Former country representatives can participate in the World Finals after a two year hiatus, except for World Champions. You can win the competition only once.

Every singer in KWC represents both her/himself and a country. Singers in KWC Partner countries enter through their own national competitions.  All other singers can join the international Online Auditions during June and July. The videos sent in this competition will be reviewed and voted for and during August some singers will be chosen to World finals.

The final competition in November will not be live but almost live: the songs will have to be recorded from a live performance during the previous days. The competition videos must not be available for the public before they are released on the KWC page.

There will be a Jury panel in every KWC Partner country and also a public vote for everyone.

Every finalist will have to send three song videos in November. Combining the scores from national Jury panels and the public vote after ROUND 2 we will have the TOP 20 singers who will be shown on ROUND 3.

After ROUND 3 we will have the Karaoke World Champion 2020.

There will be cash and sponsor prizes for TOP 3 and the new World Champion will be invited to perform at KWC 2021 finals with travel and hotel expenses covered.


May 1st – October 17th: National competitions in KWC 2020 Partner countries. Check here if your country is a KWC 2020 Partner country and follow the link to participate. Countries have different timelines for their competitions, but they must be before 17th October.

June 1st – August 31th: KWC 2020 Online Auditions. If your country is NOT on this list, you are eligible to participate.  In the beginning of September we will have the finalists from the 2020 Online Auditions.

August-October: National finals

November 2nd – 7th: KWC Online 2020 finals

November 2nd – 3rd : ROUND 1, national jury panels give their scores and voting is open to everyone.
November 4th – 5th: ROUND 2, national jury panels give their scores and voting is open to everyone.
November 6th: Scores from first rounds and TOP 20 finalists are published.
November 7th: KWC Online 2020 live stream is a hosted show with the ROUND 3 videos, live scoring and public voting. The show will be aired late night in Asia, afternoon in Europe and early morning on the American continent.