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Karaoke World Championships 2021

Do you want to represent your country at the 19th annual Karaoke World Championships?

How the competition works?

Sing your way from your local qualifiers all the way to World finals and maybe become the 2021 Karaoke World Champion!

We are still monitoring the ongoing Covid situation around the world. At this moment it looks like KWC 2021 will be an online competition. We can still think of a different plan if there is a sudden change in the Covid situation during the first half of the year, but now we are planning a huge online event with all our experience from our past competitions.

KWC represents a for passion for music, and for global friendships through singing. We will tackle this terrible pandemic by creating a global event that is easy to participate in remotely, no matter where you are, and thus bringing people closer to each other with music.

The competition rounds will be pre-recorded videos like we did in 2020, and this means that anyone can participate, no matter where you are! All you need is a way to record a video of you singing.

How to participate?

Karaoke World Championships works through national competitions run by KWC Country Partners. On the COUNTRIES page you will find links to your local competitions. Some countries may also have local competitions at karaoke venues but most will be doing video competitions on their websites or social media pages.

Usually countries have their trials during the first half of the year and national finals by the end of summer or latest during September-October. This year every country is allowed to send three contestants to participate in the KWC 2021 World finals, which will be an online event in November.

Please check your local pages and social media for detailed information regarding your qualifiers.

If your country does not have a local KWC competition, you are eligible to join the Global Video Challenge starting on 1st March. That way you are free to participate from any country in the world.

Anyway you want to participate, you are not in a hurry. Now is the right time to think of the songs you would like to perform and practice them. You can also find motivation by looking at videos from previous KWC competitions.

Who is eligible?

The Karaoke World Championships is the world’s biggest and most prestigious global talent competition and karaoke event. It brings together singers from all over the world.

If you are over 18 years of age and unsigned from major label record deals or similar contracts, you are eligible to participate. The singer has to be 18 years old before 1st November 2021.

Former country representatives can participate in the World Finals after a two year hiatus, except for World Champions. You can win the competition only once. We also promised there will be no hiatus for our KWC 2020 contestants, and neither will there be for this year. If you participate in 2021, you are free to do it again in 2022.

Country partners are not eligible. If you are the person (or one of the persons) responsible in producing your national competition and forming your national jury, you can not participate as a singer.

Every singer in KWC represents both her/himself and a country. There are no genre categories: everyone sings in the same solo competition. We will not have a duets category this year.

Timeline, Judging, Prizes

You will find answers to all your questions regarding KWC 2021 later on this page. We will be posting about the competition regularly.
The timeline for KWC 2021 is:
FEBRUARY-OCTOBER: National competitions (find your country here)
MARCH-SEPTEMBER: Global Video Challenge (for singers with no national competition)

New KWC Country Partners

If your country is not on the COUNTRIES list, it means we are either waiting for your Country Partner to confirm that they are active this year or there is currently no partner in your country.

Do you want to become a partner with exclusive rights to hold your national KWC competition?

We are looking for new country partners for the first six months of 2021. If you think you or your company would be perfect for KWC, please contact KWC Production Director Luca Gargano, luca@singa.com