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Karaoke World Championships 2021

The Karaoke World Championships is the world’s biggest and most prestigious global talent competition and karaoke event. It represents a for passion for music, and for global friendships through singing. Last year and this year we have tackled the covid pandemic by creating a global event that is easy to participate in remotely, no matter where you are, and thus bringing people closer to each other with music.

The competition rounds are pre-recorded videos and there are judges in every participating country. Most countries have now selected their contestants and all the KWC 2021 finalists will be registered on this page by the 25th October. Every singer in KWC represents both her/himself and a country. There are no genre categories, everyone sings in the same solo competition.

The timeline for KWC 2021 FEBRUARY-OCTOBER: National competitions + Global Video Challenge

26.10. Live stream for raffling singers into groups A and B
6.11. ROUND 1 A (starting at 13:00 UTC) – live stream
13.11. ROUND 1B (starting at 13:00 UTC) – live stream
20.11. ROUND 2 (starting at 13:00 UTC) – live stream
27.11. ROUND 3 (starting at 13:00 UTC) – live stream

All KWC 2021 information will be on this page.

Did you miss your national trials? Don’t worry, you can participate next year!